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Greate Bay Country Club has the top Golf Instruction Programs in the region!

Our PGA-Certified Golf Staff oversees a comprehensive program of instruction at the onsite, fully-equipped and state-of-the-art practice facility that includes full swing, short game and putting practice areas. click the links below and join us for these Greate programs that are open to the public! 

May Tip of the Month – John Petronis, PGA Head Golf & Teaching Professional – Greate Bay CC.
Question – Which is more important?  The club face or the path; in which you swing the club on? Answer – Even though the club’s path and clubface’s angle are both important to playing good golf, the clubface; more so, dictates where the ball goes.  Meaning, if the club face is more than a little open or more than a little closed at impact, the ball will shoot more off line in that direction.  If you hit the ball to the right, most golfers think that they pushed the ball out there with their path.  In reality, the clubface was open more than 9-10 degrees open or you hit it dead off of the heel or toe.  In this situation, believe it or not, the club’s path could actually be left and the ball will still go right.  If you are swinging more left to fix a ball that goes right, you may be compounding the problem.    Let me know if you help your golf game.  To help you with your game, I invested in a FlightScope Launch Monitor to chart the progress of your club’s path & club face angles as the club travels through impact.



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